Tooni Alade

About Me

My full name is Oluwatooni Alade. It means 'God is enough to have'. I am a second generation immigrant from Nigeria. I live in Atlanta Georgia. I am a rising senior at Elite Scholars Academy. This website is a kind of personal portfolio of my interests. The above bottons detail a few of my major interests and hobbies. I am a ferverent anime enthusiast. For those who don't know, Anime is basically Japanese animations usually based on manga (books). I enjoy watching anime and reading manga. Despite spending a lot of time indoors, i am actually quite athletic. I play a vareity of sports and enjoy expanding my horizons in terms of sports I partake in. My family also an important interest of mine. I am close to and admire my parents for their achievements and strive to not only be like them, but also exceed them. I also like my siblings despite our occasional fights. Along with these personal interests, I also like to align myself with certain causes that I believe in. One of the causes I support is Feeding the hungry. For further information please click this link: End World Hunger